Say cheese!

Tom our Deli Manager has picked 'Kirkham's Lancashire' as his cheese of the week.

For centuries, Lancashire dairy farmers' wives made cheese from surplus milk. On small farms there was insufficient milk from a single day to make a cheese, and so each day's milk was curdled and accumulated for several days until there was enough curd to make a cheese.

Kirkham's continues this age old tradition to create the only raw milk Lancashire in the world! This cheese has been made by the Kirkham's family at Beesley Farm for over 40 years, using the original recipe and made only from the herd of Holstein Friesian cows that reside there.

Unlike many other cheeses including some of the more well known crumbly Lancashire varieties that are made with the milk from 1 day, Kirkham's Lancashire is made in the traditional way, with up to three day's worth of milking, cloth-bound and finished with full-cream clarified butter. This slow and gentle method of production gives the cheese its wonderful and unique creamy but crumbly finish.

Kirkham's Lancashire manages to hold flavours of butter and yoghurt, of both rich and sour.

Enjoy the cheese as part of a cheese board, paired with a traditional Chorley cake, baked with eggs or as a late night guilty pleasure of cheese on toast with lashings of Worcestershire sauce (especially great as the cheese does not become stringy when cooked).



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